Ideas needed for new improvement on home appliances?

I am doing a project where i have to take any home appliance and think of an idea to improve it. For example now they make fridges with TV's in them, etc. or like a dual slot toaster, etc. i really am having trouble coming up with an idea and was wondering if anyone else had some kind of ideas. any help is appreciated.


this is for a big school project, need more ideas!!!

Update 2:

and i need to be able to develop some kind of prototype of this idea

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  • Toffy
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    I already have the fridge with pull out shelves...

    LG already puts a video for pics in one of their fridges.

    Well how about a self contained and hidden from view countertop blender, hand held mixer, food processer all in one. I dont think anyone makes a unit that hides all the stuff that goes with these appliances...I built a wooden box to store my food processor, pasta machine, stick blender, and ice cream maker (small one) It has a drop down door that I used deco wall paper to add to the decor. It holds at the top the 2 large round food processor blades...they slide into 2 wood slats...and at the back behind the food processor are the other 2 chopping blades. To the left of that is the storage of the other items, all nice and compact. I didn't want to drill a hole in the back for the cords because bugs get in there. I just plug them in as I need them. The processor is a large and heavy Robot Coupe and sits on the door when I use it.

    If one good unit with multiple uses could be made....and contained in a hidden compartment...small enough for a small kitchen....compact here is the key...and powerful enough to handle the load of everyday multiple uses....I think someone would have a winner...I think most big manufacturers want their name showing on the they won't or don't contain the small appliances in a box of any kind.

    Maybe the same thing for the bathroom, hairdryers, curling irons, electric razors, electric toothbrushes....would be nice if all came cordless and only one cord.....That is in one self-contained unit.....and hidden from view...either on the wall, or in a nice box on the counter.

    Good LUCK....

  • 1 decade ago

    i've seen the toaster oven that combines a steamer on top and a warmer on the side

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