what is the career growth for an Executive Assistant to CEO?

I am an MBA with 1 plus year expereince as EA to CEO , what should be the nest step

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To give a truly definitive answer I would need a bit more info....

    Specifically, what type of business/industry is your firm involved with?

    The next step could be as a senior account executive. Depending on your corporate structure you might be in line for some type of administrative VP position.

    My best bet would be you should be in line for some form of increased involvement/leadership in the near future.

    However many EAs I have known are paid VERY well, & are trusted with things most others are not. You may want to continue nurturing this position, while making it clear you have higher aspirations.

  • 3 years ago

    connect SHRM (Society for Human source administration). they have coaching/classes and a certification that is GOLD on your field. There would desire to be a student club. right it is the information superhighway website:

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