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Missles in the ground ?

Are there missiles underground that can pop out at any given time and shoot off at a target ?..

Heres a picture of what I'm talking about that I drew in Paint, the red lines are the missiles, black lines the hatch and "compartment" for it, and the trees and just a random house. Clearly they would not be positioned in a way in which they'd hit a house before lifting off or attempting to hit target.

[IMG]ht tp://i30. tinypic.c om/2zzt8w 4.jpg[/IMG]

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Oh, thank you very much for the information and quick response.

How many do you think/know we have ? How top secret are they ? Should I have not posted asking this ? Lol.

I hope people give you thumbs ups, as I cannot but wish I could.

Update 2:

EDIT: Ohh, I see.

Thank you very much.

Yeah, I knew it was some type of Minuteman, kind of.

Do you think you could post on my other thread too ? Haha, it'd be a really big help with me enlisting.


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    Yes we and the Russians have hardened missile silos. You put a ICBM in a concrete lined hole with a reinforce movable top. When the time comes to launch the missile the top moves and the missiles are launched. Most of the ICBMs have MIRVs (Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles). This means that each ICBM can put nuclear weapons on a variety of targets.

    EDIT: There are approximately 500 Minuteman III ICBMs.

    There are approximately 50 Peacemakers.

    At the height of the cold war we had 1524 missiles that were land based. This does not include any ICBMs on submarines.

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    ICBM's [Intercontinental ballistic missles] have been around for 50 years, at the president or ranking high officials command they can launch within 15 to 30 minutes of the order.

    They can reach any target in the world within two hours, drop wihin 100 feet of target and devastate, kill immediately everything within a 1000 mile radius.

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