I wonder if the states will give back all that tobacco money they got due to bad science?

Apparently thin healthy non-smokers cost more in lifetime health care than anyone else. I guess no one ever did the math. So since all those states raped the tobacoo companies on the grounds of increased health care costs, shouldnt they give it back?



I'm not speaking to wether you like cigarettes or not. I'm speaking of justice. If the awards to the states were based on increased medical cost and now its shown that the opposite is true, shouldnt the tobacco companies be able to appeal and win based on the evidence. If justice is based on political agenda rather than facts, then we are no better than a 3rd world country.

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    Of course not.

    This is America - getting a jury to screw the rich evil corporations on the basis of junk science is the national sport.

    Given the standard of science "education" in this country, finding 12 people in any given State capable of even understanding the difference between valid research and junk science is a losing proposition anyway.

    It was here in America, remember, that a State Board of Education - the very people RESPONSIBLE for making sure kids learn science - voted that "The Great Pumpkin made us all" should have equal time in biology classes with actual science.


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    Obviously, if you're healthy and live longer, you're going to need more maintenence and regular checkups than somebody who dies sooner. But much of that cost is due to the unnecessary price inflation of medical care caused by our HMO's. As for the tobacco companies, they've been selling a product that's never done anything except to annoy the hell out of me (with its second-hand smoke) and cause an untold number of health problems even in people who do not directly use it. And for decades, they have deliberately mislead the public about the hazards of their product. Screw them - let them pay. As far as I'm concerned, faceless corporations do not have rights - people do. How many other companies are known to sell a product, that when used as directed, will make you sick and could even kill you (as well as others around you) and get away with it? Yeah, that's what I figured. The majority of the American people today are against the tobacco industry. If they don't like that, there are plenty of markets in other countries where they can move to and peddle their crap.

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    Sure! Just as soon as the Royal Family in England pays reperations to the USA, black and white, for afflicting us with the curse of slavery to cut their sugar cane and pick their cotton and tobacco..

    That's right! If you're interesting in reperations you really should do some research on the british empire. They didn't get to be a nuclear power and have a seat of the UN security council for being nice little Hobbits. Especially since they only have a polulation of 35million people.

    Nohohohoh! The brits are some ruthless bastards. Notice I said "are"..

    Want reperations? Start with the queens jewels. They just fell from the sky. Like manna from heaven.

    Source(s): Signed: An American who is tired of propping up the british empire and wishes we would have finished the job 200 years ago. The very concept of a monarchy turns my stomach.
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