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Is additional maths harder than AS Maths?

Is additional maths harder than AS Maths? If the requirement for doing IB HL Math is to have obtained an B or above in additional math, am I eligible to do HL Math if I have done half year of AS Maths? Any suggestions?


but isnt additional math suppose to be an preparatory course for AS/A level maths?

Update 2:

any different thoughts?

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    Additional Maths used to be called Further Maths - which is what I took many years ago. Further Maths is much harder than standard A level Maths (A2) and is on the way to 1st year degree maths. I'm not sure of the level of IB HL Maths - although I do mark IB Physics standard level which is tougher than GCSE.

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    addition math is harder

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