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Is Cosby a Modern Racist?

Among Cosby's most controversial statements were those aimed at ''low-income blacks,'' who he said are squandering advances made during the civil rights movement and not ''holding up their end in this deal.'' ''They think they're hip,'' said Cosby, 67. ''They can't read; they can't write. They're laughing and giggling and they're going nowhere.'' He also blamed teen pregnancy, high school dropout rates and kids' poor, foul-mouthed grammar on irresponsible parenting. ''Let me tell you something, your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 every day, it's cursing and calling each other [the n-word] as they're walking up and down the street,'' Cosby said. ''I blamed the kid until I heard the mother ...'' Cosby's rant was not exactly new, save perhaps the fervor with which he delivered it. He has long been vocal regarding the vulgarity of popular black entertainment. Yet in the wake of the Washington speech, there was no shortage of columnists, talk-show pundits and even cartoonists ready to riff on his comments. Some praised the entertainer for speaking out about a disturbing trend that plagues black America. Others pegged him as a hypocritical multi-millionaire who perpetuated racial stereotypes that would be unacceptable coming from someone of a different race.

Is Cosby a Modern Racist?


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    Cosby who?

    definition of racism is, by oxford dictionary, is

    1. the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race.

    2. discrimination against or antagonism towards other races.

    therefore, only from the excerpt that you included here, IMHO, I do not conclude that Cosby is a racist at all.

    1) first of all, his comments was referring to the "low income Blacks", not to the Blacks as a race. He is describing his personal experiences without any implies of discrimination.

    2) he can at most been accused as hypocritical public figure, with improper stereotype toward a certain group of people with a certain economical condition. the criticism is rather weak to label him as a racist by far.

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    Cosby 之中的最有爭議的聲明是那些瞄準的'

    ' 低收入黑色, "誰他說揮霍前進被做在民權運動期間和不是' ' 阻止他們的末端在這個成交。" ' ' 他們認為他們是hip, "67 說Cosby, 。' ' 他們無法讀; 他們無法寫。他們是笑並且嘻嘻笑和他們去無處。" 他並且責備了青少年的懷孕、高中退學率和孩子的窮, foul-mouthed 語法在不負責任parenting 。' ' 讓我告訴您某事,

    您骯髒的洗衣店離開學校在2:30 每天, 它是詛咒和告訴[ n 詞] 因為他們走在街道上下, "Cosby 說。

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    在科斯比的最引起爭論的陳述中是針對"低收入的黑人"的那些, 他說正浪費前進在民權運動期間取得而不"在這筆交易內盡自己的本分"。 "他們認為他們時髦",科斯比,67 說。 "他們不能讀; 他們不能寫。 他們正笑和格格地笑,他們正行不通。 "他也責備青少年的懷孕,中學輟學率和孩子的關於不負責育兒的貧窮,愛說下流話的的語法書。 "讓我告訴你某些東西,你的臟的洗衣店在每天2︰30 走出學校,它正咒罵和打電話給彼此 [n話 ]當他們正在街道來回走時",科斯比說。 "我責備孩子,直到我聽到母親 ... "科斯比的狂言不確實新,或許保留他交付它的熱情。 他早就是聲樂作品,看受歡迎的黑色的娛樂的粗俗。 在華盛頓講話之後然而,不缺專欄作家,對關於他的說明的音樂插曲準備的談話節目專家和甚至漫畫家。 一些稱揚關於困擾黑色的美國的一個擾亂的趨勢大聲說的演員。 其它人作為使將是不可接受來自一場不同的比賽中的某人的種族定式永存的一個偽善的多百萬富翁限價他。


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