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合唱曲flying free!!

可不可以給我合唱曲flying free的歌詞和可以試聽的網址呢?


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    Flying Free by Don Besig

    There is a place I call my own

    Where I can stand by the sea.

    And look beyond the things I've known

    And dream that I might be free

    Like the bird above the trees

    Gliding gently on the breeze,

    I wish that all my life

    I'd be without a care, and flying free!

    But life is not a distant sky

    Without a cloud, without rain.

    And I can never hope that

    I can travel on without pain.

    Time goes swiftly on its way.

    All too soon we've lost today.

    I cannot wait for skies of blue

    Or dream so long that life is through.

    So life's a song that I must sing,

    A gift of love I must share.

    And when I see the joy it brings,

    My spirits soar through the air.

    Like that bird up in the sky

    Life has taught me how to fly.

    For now I know what I can be

    And now my heart is flying free!



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