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keyin traditional chinese


The computer I am using does not belong to me, but I would like to type/keyin traditional chinese. I can't install Microsoft Traditional Chinese Global IME since I am not the administrator. I found a website that allows me to key in "Simplified" Chinese with pinyin method. I wonder if anyone can help me find some websites like that but is for traditional chinese, or some other way to key in chinese characters, thank you!!



Are you referring to 微軟新注音輸入法?? I can't install it since I am not the administrator, thank you!!

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    it put simplified and traditional words together in the list, so u have to press "page down" frequently to pick up the word u want.


    I think this one is better, it's what u want.

    just choose the "traditional mode"「简繁体选择:繁体」

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    can't you tell the administrator that you need to get it? he or she could do it for you.

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    why not try microsoft website

    u can download the software from there and that software can type / key in the traditional chinese


    if you go to microsoft office u can find it there

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