What is the funnest class and best for pvp in the mmo Last Chaos?

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    1 decade ago
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    The Rouge is a pretty good pvp class. At lower levels the rouge has advantages but when you level up the rouge losses its advantages.

    I prefer the Healer-Archer for pvp. They have excellent pvp skills (rapid arrow causes target to lose more health,Arrow of silence stops other players from using special skills, Paralyzing arrow paralyzes and poison arrow poisons.

    At lower Levels the Healer can't pvp very well but it can fight very strong monsters and heal itself afterword or during the battle. Healers can also use shoot and run techniques to fight monsters stronger than them(to do this just use a skil on a monster run and use it again.

    Check out this link for more class information to see for yourself http://lastchaosinfo.wetpaint.com/page/Class+skill...

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