6 pack in 6 months?

Ok I have a girl who is going to be here in 6 months and 2 days so I was wondering is there a diet that does not cost much and a list of exercises that I can do to get me a 6 pack in 6 months??

I know I at leaset can do 150 crunches but that just works my upper stomach not my lower or side of my stomach so please help me!! Some other exercises PLEASE!!!!

Thank you to all that realy help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First off. Yes its probably do-able. Probably not as "ripped" as most men want, but still. Second, to get the six-pack look you have to get rid of quite a bit of body fat. The abdominal muscles are shaped like the six pack, so in order for them to show the layer of adipose tissue on top must be gone.

    Lastly, find a good workout program. Both of these websites are GREAT!



    Both I have tried and worked fabulously. It will be hard though! Hope you suceed!

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    Everyone who wants a ripped 6 pack stomach searches for that one exercise that will uncover that nice rippled stomach. But the truth of the matter is that stomach exercises do not lose stomach fat.

    The problem with focusing on stomach exercises is that your precious time and effort will be wasted on exercises that have nothing to do with creating the ripped stomach. By directing your efforts in the correct direction you can ensure that your efforts will produce the results that you want.

    Some of the exercises you should be focusing on are variations of squats, pulls and presses, sprinting, clean and presses, snatches, lunges, swings and dead lifts. Combining these full body exercises will increase your metabolism.

    Some stomach focused exercises are still required, but in conjunction with full body exercises. The full body exercises will actually enhance the largest metabolic and hormonal changes within your body. These exercises will indirectly workout the abdominal area without focused and targeted exercise.

    Please remember though, your diet is all important. Nutrition is number one in getting the 6 pack stomach. So combine the full body exercise together with a quality diet which contains natural and unprocessed foods which are close to natural as feasible.

    For more detailed instructions on these strategies you can reference this site


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