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What should i get my boyfriend for valentines day, 8th grade?

We are both in the 8th grade and i don't know what to get him for Valentines Day. Especially since i don't know what he, or even guys, would like. I can't afford anything too expensive. Please do not say kiss because we have. I know, we are young. We have been going out for 6 months this month so it is obvious we REALLY like each other.

Any ideas?

Please share.

Thanks =]

By the way, nothing sexual please.

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    a card would be nice....especially if you made one yourself! and you could also bake him a batch of his favorite cookies!

    and i really like the fish idea, but it's probably not the best one since you are most likely just going to see each other at school and it probably wouldn't be the most convenient thing to get.

    you guys are really young, and you don't need to be buying him something really expensive. something nice and thoughtful would be the perfect gift!

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    a card and a box of chocolates.

    everyone should like chocolate,

    how about a picture of the two of you in a frame.

    take a camera to school and have your friend take a picture of the two of you,

    then put it in a nice frame.

    nice frames can be bought for 5 dollars.

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    A card, if he can be somewhat sensitive you can get him something cute if not theres also funny card and others.You can never go wrong with chocolate.Whats his favorite candy? Find a heart shaped box that has his favorite candy inside.

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    Sure, well a card about how you feel about him would be the best gift ever cause it would come from your heart. I personally would love that! Money doesn't buy love. But it's up to you.

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    Boys are hard to buy for on such a girly holiday. Here's and idea....a fish. Its cute, something from you, something he gets to keep and something that is easy to take care of.

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    how about a picture album of you two (the good times you two had together?)

    and make a cute cover for it :))

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    write him a letter and get him a shirt or something or perfume!! (boys r really hard to shop for!!)

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    get him some candy . make him valentimes cookies

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    hmmm well get something that you would like but also whta he would like and if he doesent get you anything keep it.

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    make her a card and buy her boxed of candy.

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