emotional vs. physical cheating?

ok so i dated this guy and i never thought i had ever cheated on him, but then i read a magazine today and saw that if you wanted to talk to another guy more than your bf, than thats emotional cheating.

i never knew that until i read that that i was doing it.

is that as bad as physical cheating?

what else is considered emotional cheating?

did that mean i secretly had feelings for the guy that i wanted to talk to more?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just because you talk to another guy more doesn't always mean that you cheated your bf. maybe this other guy is just more easier to talk to, maybe he's just very friendly and you couldn't help yourself. And maybe your bf is a little more intimidating. If your bf is understanding, he probably wouldn't hold that matter against you. I don' t really know whats worse--physical and emotional cheating.

  • 1 decade ago

    physical cheating mens sex, kissing, touching, or maybe even hugging someone other than your boyfriend. i mean if you want this person and/or they want you and you start talking to them and confiding in them things you should be telling you boyfriend, then this is emotional cheating which almost always leads to physical cheating. i mean thats how it all starts........we are just friends..........we are just talking.........i didnt know..........it just happened............stuff doesnt just happen, you get comfortable with that person and think that now you can have sex with them and dont think about it until you do it and realize you screwed up the best thing you ever had.

  • 3 years ago

    B wow.. that's a problematical one.. i could could say.. hmmmmm actual.. basically because of the fact.... actual.. u can on no account replace.. it already befell... yet a minimum of with emotional.. confident it may harm greater.... cuz it bargains with emotions... a minimum of it has a great gamble to alter.... basically because of the fact they love the different individual now.. or in spite of the case could be.. doesnt advise they'll love them tommorrow... doing the deed can specifically situations be the tip of a courting.. yet the two i disagree with

  • 1 decade ago

    yes its cheating because you are giving the other persons time away all the time you spend talking to that guy you could of been talking to your boyfriend

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  • 1 decade ago

    No its not as bad as physical because people do it all the time without knowing.

    their only thinking about it not actually doing it.

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