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help quick question?

WHich countries did the Big FOur represent?

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    Big Four is the name given to the four biggest banks in a certain area:

    * The Big Four commercial banks of the Australia, HSBC Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Lloyds TSB and recently joined by Halifax Bank of Scotland to make the Big Five.

    o In England & Wales as a whole. For many decades these were: Lloyds Bank (now Lloyds TSB); NatWest, (now a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland); Barclays Bank; and Midland Bank (now HSBC Bank). HBOS, which was formed by a merger between the Bank of Scotland and the former building society Halifax, is larger than Lloyds TSB by both assets and market capitalization, so the term is obsolete, but it is still sometimes used by the media

    o In Northern Ireland; these are: Ulster Bank (owned by Royal Bank of Scotland), Bank of Ireland, Northern Bank (owned by Danske Bank) and First Trust Bank (part of AIB UK)

    o In Scotland; these are: Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and Lloyds TSB Scotland

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    Great Britain, France, Italy and United States.

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