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Is time travel possible?

Ok I have a question, Is time travel possible? I understand that albert ienstien found that timetravel was possible forrward in time....He went I believe 1/100 of a millisecond. If anyone has any info please help ty


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    yes. everyday satellites suffer a slow down in time. their on board clocks report milliseconds behind ours. they need their software written to counter act that.

    its stated in Einstein's theory of special relativity that the faster an object travels, within a strong gravity field, the slower time will get for it......

    but this if from our viewpoint (our speed and gravity)

    you don't have to travel FASTER than light,

    just faster than the object thats viewing you.

    the satellites orbit around the earth faster than we move on the surface.

    Work is being done now, with a circular laser, "stirring" the space around it. Einstein said space and time are connected, so if we can stir space we can also stir time. We throw in a quantum particle or two and we might be able to send quantum messages back into the past.

    introducing Ronald Mallett,

    He might be wrong, but I won't call him crazy just yet.

    Youtube thumbnail

    I will say,

    sending a HUMAN back 10 years is NOT the same thing.

    Pieces of an atom sure, but entire humans? probably not.

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    Time is an abstract invention and exists only in the mind of man. In a universe with no intelligence there isn't anyone to measure it.


    Like that falling tree in the empty woods that makes no sound because sound requires a receiver to be sound.


    Time requires an intelligent mind to measure it. Time can be suspended. Your mind does it when you're unconscious or when you're asleep.


    Who ever decided how long a second or a minute should last? What if the metric system was in use when this stuff was all decided? 100 seconds might be a minute and 100 minutes might be an hour.


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    If you can slow down your own local time - then yes - it is possible for you to experience life in the future.. (say 1000 years from now). two ways you might do this are:

    1. Accelerate to close to the speed of light - hold that speed, then decelerate and return to earth. (This is not currently possible)

    2. Slow down the atoms in your body by putting yourself in a state of suspended animation - freezing will do this. Then have yourself woken up in 1000 years time. This also is not possible.

    Both of these methods allow you to take a one-way journey forward in time. You can't 'jump' forward instantaneously because that would mean that the future already exists, that it is pre-determined, and we have no free will.

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    We're traveling forward in time right now, so yes, time travel in that sense is possible.

    Travel into the past? Nope. That is one of the few genuine impossibilities that exist.

    Skipping forward in time? I don't see how that would be possible, but I don't suppose temporal causality forbids it.

    Addendum: It should be noted that changing how quickly you move through time is certainly possible, and not complicated at all. You just need to impart an object with sufficient energy to slow its passage through time.

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    Kinda, but probably not in the way you were hoping. According to special relativity, you can only move forwards in time - but you can move forwards more slowly if you want. If you orbit the Earth near the speed of light for a year or so, and then come back, hundreds of years could have passed on Earth! So yes, you can time travel, but you can't go back.

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    no one can tell yet, man have recently built weird machines like powerful engines to bend the space-time but unfortunately they didn't succeed. there are still dilemmas to be solved before we can satisfyingly answer that question.

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    Time travel is only possible through what physicists call "closed timelike curve." Merely by traveling in a large circle in space, although it's only possible in the context of General Relativity.

    Source(s): Einstein' General Relativity and The Physics of Star Strek
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    The theory of special reality makes it possible to travel ahead in time.....but not backwards.....but just because we have not discovered something does not automatically make it impossible.


    I have often wondered is deja vu the after effect of a time traveler changing the timeline.....

    something to consider.

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    Sure, I time travel all the time. Why just yesterday, I traveled forward in time by 24 hours!

    Who is this ienstien guy? And why is his name spelled so funny?

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    The software on the satellites is not changed to account for the time difference. The ground software has the difference programed into it.

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