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Wii shipping date??(Canada)?

I live in canada and all the stores where I live and Wii-Empty.

I asked in all these stores and nobody seems to know when more will ship.

So is there anyway for me to know when more will ship or must I go to the store everyday for the next month???


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    i live in canada to i live in ottawa and trust me all the stores are sold out like best buy and future shop but if you go to a blockbuster like me they dont get many but not many people go there they get like 2. every 2 weeks because there but trust me thats where i got mine and it was 268$ with everything in it if i were u go call them right know and see if they have any in stock

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    You can still find them in the states. Why don't you set up a US address for yourself at a package forwarding site like and buy the item in the US? Bongo will forward the package directly to you. It is much better than having to constantly go back to the store.

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