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anybody speak spanish out there?? I need your help DESPERATELY!!?

well it's pretty silly actually, but i was just wondering how to say "I missed you a lot" in spanish. I am trying to impress this guy at work (he is spanish) but the web translators are terrible. Please don't use them, only answer if you speak fluent spanish.

thankyou xx =)

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    Te extraño mucho

    Te añoro mucho

    Te echo mucho de menos

    Either one of those will do the trick - remember that 'ñ' is pronounce 'ni'. E.g. 'extranio'

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    This question sounds racially biased. First of all, Spanish people come from Spain. Are you referring to them or Latinos, Spanish-speaking people? How many languages can you speak? If you moved to China tomorrow would your Chinese be fluent next week? Next year? This is AMERICA, which is made up of people from all over the world. Do you think some poor Spanish-speaking immigrant doing some bulls*it job that an affluent American wouldn't do, can afford to go to a university and just learn English? Don't be judgemental against people who you obvlously know nothing about.

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    Vanessa is right.

    You can print out free Spanish flash cards at . There is a set that's something like "100 vocabulary and phrases." There are also "quick verb" cards. You can print them out and take them anywhere. And they are free!

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    People saying it is "te extraño mucho" are forgetting your sentence is in past tense. And don't forget "a lot"!


    ¡Te extrañé mucho!

    ¡te eché tanto de menos!

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    you have to say him: Te eché de menos un montón, it's more familiar to spanish speakers

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    There are 2 ways to say this:

    Te eché de menos


    Te extrañé mucho.

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    Te echo de menos

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    I missed you = ¡Te eché de menos!

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    Te eché de menos.

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    1 decade ago

    i am spanish native speaker and the vanessa answer is totaly right .

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