What makes a toilet have a strong flush?

Is it the plumbing or a mechanism on the toilet?

My parent's toilet in their home (15 years old) hardly has any suction when you flush it... what causes this and how can we fix it?

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    Firstly, toilets do not work on suction. When the handle is pushed, the flapper opens and allows the water in the tank to flow to the bowl. If the flapper does not stay open long enough to allow most of the water to flow out, weak flush occurs. After the water leaves the tank, it enters the bowl rim and goes into the bowl through small holes placed around the perimeter of the rim. If these holes are clogged by mineral deposits, weak flush occurs. When the water level in the bowl is sufficient, it flows through the trap and out the discharge hole and into the sewer lines. If the trap or discharge hole is clogged, weak flush occurs. The last thing that can cause the flow to be disrupted is a clogged ventpipe. This pipe allows air into the drainage system (which is needed to operate correctly) and if this pipe is clogged, it restricts the airflow and "airlocks" the drain. Power flush toilets are expensive and hard to repair when not working properly. People who think they need a toilet that will flush 16 golf balls, actually need a Doctor, not a Plumber.

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    Strong Flush Toilet

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    Strongest Flushing Toilet

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    Some older toilets are called washdown toilets, and have a smaller round or oval opening in front of the main drain opening. My understanding is that a jet of water from this orifice initiates the flush. Calcium deposits can cause the initial impulse to be weak, thus the whole flush is weak. You can scrape the calcium away with a small fine wire brush, or even with an unbent paper clip, but be careful not to scratch the enamel. You'd be surprised how much this helps

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    Newer design toilets do a much improved job of this (don't buy the "cheapest").

    The "ultimate" potty is the Power Flushers - when the tank fills it creates (recharges) an Air-assisted pressure flush.

    An upgrade to a better height and better flushing is worth every cent.

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    they need a vent pipe there is more pressure between the toilet and the sewage line you will need a plumber to do this since the pipes are ceramic so go outside of the house were the bath room is and start digging you will find a dull red pipe you need to cut into it and run a pipe from it so air can flow as the water rushes by kind of like a subway train vents work

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    You need a power flush toilet. It all done by water and gravity.

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    the volume of water used in each flush, 1.5 gallon is typical

    the rate at wifh that water is sent into the bowl, yhis is a common problem with old or cheap toilets

    the angle of the sewage pipes, low angles make it run slower, did they build their own house? is it a first floor or basement john?

    clogged drain pipes, tree and other plant roots can infiltrate the pipes and slow the passage of water and... stuff through the pipes

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    My toilet is like that too I just moved in and the previous owners were really big on saving money on utilitys so they had one of those money saving toliets that uses less water. When you go to the bathroom its conctantly clogging because of the lack of suction. It would be okay for a toddler. LOL

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