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Upper Back Tattoo Pictures?

So does any one know where they can find chicks with upper back tattoos? I'm a really good web searcher but I guess I couldn't find any. I want chicks with upper back tatoos or upper back tattoos for chicks. I don't care what you really find but I jsut want you to send me a link plase. I want one, but I'm not sure exactly what to get. I think they are totally sexy. I already have 2 stars on my pelvic bones (upfront) and I'm proud of it and finishing it up with 2 more stars above (smaller) and I'm excited. I'm also getting a virgo tattoo on my ankle and i'm loking forwarding to that. The next hingI want is an upper back tattoo after all taht and I think it would be totally sexy. No, I'm not having kids .. so don't even think about that

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