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Kitten Diagnosed With Feline Leukemia?

I just got home from the vet and my 5month old kitten tested positive for Leukemia. They ran tests and drained some fluid out of her. NOW, I don't want to euthanize her(for now anyways), and I want to prolong her life.

I was prescribed Interferon, to be given to her once a day daily. The vet also gave me 6 cans of EUKANUBA Veterinary Diets weight gain wet cat food. She's eating it.

Was wondering if any of you know, with my treatments, what the likelyhood of my kitten surviving til about 1 year or 1 1/2 year. I know she will likely to be put down, but I really hope she can pull through. I love my Lily and am devastated. I LOVE her sooooooo much

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    Feline leukemia is not an immediate death sentence. Cats can live for quite a while with Feline leukemia before they become seriously ill. The thing is that you will just have to take extra good care of her. Make sure she always gets her meds and feed her the food that the vet gave you. If you love her as much as you say (Which I'm sure you do), you will take all of these necessary steps to prolonging her life for as long as she is able to hold on.

    She is lucky to have an owner who did not opt to euthanize her right away- a lot of people think oh my cat is sick, I'll just put her down. That's not always fair. Just always keep a watchful eye on her. There will come a day when her quality of life will be poor (she is not eating or drinking, she is listless and lethargic, she has lost al ot of weight and has a dull, pained look in her eyes, etc.) You may have to make a tough decision at that time to put her out of her suffering. But until that day, you should love her and care for her as much as you possibly can. She has a health problem which will affect her someday. It could be tomorrow, it could be years from now. But don't let that affect giving her a quality of life that she deserves while she is here.

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    Interferon is a slow accumulation thing and doesn't work right away, like antibiotics it has to build up to be working.

    To to yahoogroups and check out the feline leukemia bulletin boards, you'll get excellent information over there from owners who are taking care of FeLV positive cats. They can tell you what the best treatments are, the current info on the disease, and life expectancy in kittens.

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    I am so so sorry to hear this.

    I am also sorry to say that she wont pull through on this either.

    You are doing all the right things but no one can tell you how long she can live with FeLV as all cats are different.

    Just give her alot of Love and although her life is going to be shorter than it should be make sure it is a happy one.

    Give Lily a kiss from me....and ((hug)) to you xx

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    do what the vet says, keep a close eye and get her to the vet as soon as you can anytime there is a change in behavior of eating, drinking eliminating etc.

    take some time to do some research online I'm sure there is a ton of info out there on this.

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    Why to euthanize once you could actually provide her supportive care to lengthen her life? you will comprehend while it's time to place her to sleep. I knew while my kitten ought to no longer use the litterbox by way of fact he could no longer walk anymore by way of FIP ravaging his frightened device and replaced into soiling himself, plus he did no longer had a bowel circulate for 3 days and bathing him many times to ease his dermis from the urine replaced into out of the question by way of fact he's nervous of water and it may tension him out, so because it somewhat is while it replaced into time for me. i do no longer understand lots approximately tom cat leukemia and that i'm hoping I in no way could manage it. My coronary heart is going out to you. She'll be wanting your love in spite of if she isn't responsive in a protracted time. sturdy success

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    Alot of kittens will die from this terrible disease especially as young as she is,but rest assured a very good friend of mine had a kitten with a + result and he is now 4yrs old so.......... just do what you can to make her time never know :)

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