What does an Algerian need to become an EU citizen (Cyprus)?

My boyfriend is Algerian, have German exwife, two sons raised on Cyprus. He lived in Cyprus 13 years but still only carries Alien papers. He has permit to stay but what does he need to become a citizen? Now he can,t for example visit his family and come back. Thank you!

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    Acquisition of Cypriot Citizenship by Naturalisation

    An application on form M.127 may be submitted by persons of full age and

    capacity who were legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus and who in the last

    8 years before their application accumulated more than 5 years of residence or

    more than 7 years of residence, if they are sports players, sports technicians or

    coaches or work in International Business Companies, or for Cypriot employers

    etc. They should attach a birth certificate, their passport, a good character

    certificate issued by the police, 2 photographs and the publication in a Cypriot

    newspaper for 2 consecutive days of their intention to apply for naturalisation.

    Note: All the above applications are signed before a Judge or a Court


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    Why do no longer you ask all of the proper consulates of the international locations you're maximum attracted to with regards to the standards they have set - it concerns me which you do no longer look to care which united states you grow to be a citizen of. is this in ordinary terms a ploy? you may desire to recognize that once you're an E.U citizen you're allowed to bypass freely around all the international locations in the european union. Hmmmm!!

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