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how can the new york giants be classed world champions after winning the superbowl?

After watching such a great game in the wee hours of this morning, I'm bemused at the fact they call the New York Giants, world champions.

Now I'm sure that these teams play in the NFL....N meaning National, not international.

What about this, surely to be world champions you need to be representing your country and not the village that your hometown, like New york.

Am I missing something here?

I'm sure there are a few yanks here who will elp me understand this.


sorry snoopy, i think you may have me a wee bit wrong. i love the game and i'll stay up each weekend through the season to watch as much as i can.

can't wait till october when nfl comes back to london

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    Exactly, their American champions not world champions - nobody else entered.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The team that wins generally deserves to win. Unlike some of the idiots who are going to preach about the Patriots cheating, Im not going to do that. The Pats didnt deserve to win simply because they were not the best team on the field that Sunday. People can make the argument that oh the Giants dont deserve to win because they lost to the Pats already or because they were only 10-6 going into the playoffs. The simple fact is this; The Giants were the better prepared, better performing team on February 3, 2008. If the super bowl was determined in week 17 why would they bother with the playoffs at all? The Patriots may have beaten the Giants on any other day of the year, but they lost on February 3, and that is all that matters.

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    Yank happy to help! They're the world champions because although canada has teams they aren't exactly pro and no other pro teams are around the world so basically the teams that exsist in the NFL franchise are all in the US and are the teams to beat in order to be the world champions. It's hard to explain but basically its AMERICAN football and all the teams are in AMERICA so they all play eachother till you get to the superbowl.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sadly self deluded Americans their nancy boy padded player game is played by Americaophiles in several countries however they don't compete in the American Leagues.

    Interesting to note they do the same thing with the baseball.

    Would enjoy watching gridiron players playing New Zealand All Blacks or Austrailian Wallabies rugby players unpadded in the faster more technical game rugby union upon which it was based or even the more similar rugby league with its stop start similar nature would expect wholesale carnage on the American team.

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  • snoopy
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    1 decade ago

    The simple reality is that there is not an american football team outside of the NFL that could ever win the super bowl. It isn't an unreasonable to say.

    It's similar to the NCAA "national championship" game even though it only includes one division of colleges.

    I think you know these things but you just want to play with semantics because you don't like american football. That a little closer to the truth, chap?

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh deep joy - thanks or asking this one - it's got the Yanks narked straight away! The reason no-one else plays it - my American cousins - is the fact that it is a sh*t game played by people wearing armour and crash helmets. Why have you got a baseball world series as well, when you are the only nation IN the series?? Anyway, it's just rounders. No-one else wants to play your silly games, so you give them the 'world' tag to give yourselves some faint feeling of importance. I look forward to all the thumbs down - 'have a nice day'.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because no one else in the world cares about American Football, see also Baseball World Series.

  • Lurch
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    1 decade ago

    Is there any other professional American Football teams in the world? Surely you can do better than this...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They will challange anyone in the World ~Nuff said ~!

    Do you really think the rest of the world would have a chance if there was Football (usa football) in the Olypics ???

    must be kidding ~!

    Team USA will dominate in B~BALL~!

  • Mum-Ra
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    1 decade ago

    Ha good point. It's national champions not world, no one else plays their 'rugby in padded clothing' anywhere else do they?

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