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new york giants, world champions ?

what is this cack and bull ?

i am having a world championship football tournament, its open to anyone in my family who has the same birthday as me, looks like me, it involves juggling a ball once.

Q. name one of the european, african, asian, australasian, south american or canadian, WORLD american football championship, ENTRANTS.


i just went out to the garden and i won yo-ho. my offical title is,









Update 2:

i'm going to place a bet that next years world american football superbowl will be won by an american team, are other countries allowed to enter this competition ? if i double it up with my own competition i could make a packet, i'll be backing myself to win my exclusive world championship.

Update 3:

ATTITUDE GIRL i couldn't care less if england qualify or not, i don't support the english national side.

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    I have no interest in american throwball but agree that it's funny they call everyone world-champions and yet only compete against themselves.


    We're not saying you couldn't beat another team especially from a country that doesn't play throwball, but to call yourself World Champions when you only play against yourself's seems self-centered and you won't see that title handed to any sports champion from almost any other sport short of the World Cup which truly is a world event.

  • hammer
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    You're right mate. The yanks think that they are the world. World champions my @rse. Look at the world series of baseball. I don't see any Cuban, Costa Rican or Japanese teams in it. Unfortunatelly the American media feeds the American ego by constantly telling them that they are the best in the world. I actually feel sorry for America. Many of them really don't know much about the world outside their borders.

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    Congratulations on your new world title. Yes, I couldn't agree more with you. They cannot possibly be the World Champions when only American teams are allowed to enter. Typical American Bull.

  • Anonymous
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    Honestly, do you really think any other country has a chance against an American team? I'm not saying that because we invented the game and it's our past time (see baseball and basketball) but because it's true. The people who play in Canadian and European football leagues are usually American players who aren't good enough for the NFL. I agree they shouldn't be called "world" champions, but until another league comes around that can rival the NFL, let's not be too hasty in whining about it.

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  • R R
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    i just won mr universe

    from the back room of my house. i am also

    mvp and get a toy car from world typerbowl i invented

    i would take the mick out of them more,

    but i love the superbowl

    and to be fair they would wipe the floor with the african teams

    i dont think they get the 10 gallon milk cartons or the 42inch pizza's there, to make up half the team.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No doubt it is a good game but hardly International let alone global or could be considered a WORLD championship

    If they called it The American Championship I could understand and respect it

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    Yank happy to help! They're the world champions because although canada has teams they aren't exactly pro and no other pro teams are around the world so basically the teams that exsist in the NFL franchise are all in the US and are the teams to beat in order to be the world champions. It's hard to explain but basically its AMERICAN football and all the teams are in AMERICA so they all play eachother till you get to the superbowl.

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    Who cares? Leave Americans ALONE! America is better than England. The USA will for sure qualify for the WC 2010. It's not even certain the English Clowns will.

  • Anonymous
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    Yeah,I was about to retort that they haven't played anyone outside the States.Then again,they're afraid to.Didn't they play the Baseball classic against Cuba and lose?I would expect the same thing.The States should learn some humility and NOT call their sporting champions world champions when they haven't played anyone outside their country.But then again,with the sorry state of the USA,I'll let them cling on to any supremacy they have left.

  • The Giants beating the Patriots...

    That's like the Arsenal beating Man Ure to the title-gets my vote!!!

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