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what big three is really better and why??

bostons?? kg, allen, peirce

lakers?? kobe, gasol, bynum (although they have not played together it can be 100% assumed they will be huge)

spurs?? duncan, parker, manu

bostons record is really thier only arguement. spurs have rings to argue and lakers, well they have kobe and bymun who were playing really well already, now they have gasol to add yet another huge force?? who do you think is better and why?

i cant decide. im a knicks fan so im not bias. dont judge me for being a knicks fan i have my whole life and i am not the one who chose to lead them to this pit of despare!!!

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    As of this time, I can say the Big Three of K-G, Allen and Pierce stands out from the others. They do have an excellent NBA best 36-8 record and this stats never lie.

    However, this is just the regular season. When the playoffs begin, I see the trio of Manu, Tony and Tim giving the Boston trio a run for their money. The Spurs are already battle tested and are really tough during the postseason.

    I also have my doubts in the health issues of Allen and Pierce. Can they remain healthy until the regular season is over? Will they give in to the pressure in their first playoff appearance after many years of absence?

    Even with the Lakers' Big Three, I think the Spurs will edge them out because of the Spurs' experience during the playoffs.

    So, for the regular season it has to be Boston. But in the playoffs, it's going to be the Spurs.

    And don't worry, you won't be getting any flak from me because you're a Knicks fan. Besides, your Giants just won the Superbowl. Cheers to you!

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    Boston of course.

    Kevin Garnett-Like what? 9 year all star? Great all around game and can shoot those 18-footer. Has highest payroll this NBA season.

    Ray Allen-Great clutch shooter, won a 3point contest but is struggling a bit lately. Almost automatic at the FT line.

    Pierce-Good 3 point shooter, can make good plays and is a very good driver.

    Laker's Gasol isn't exactly that great. I'll say hes good, but he isn't a multi year all-star like Garnett/Pierce/Allen. Kobe of course is still great but he is aging. Bynum is a great young Center but he is after all injured. When he comes back he will probably be pretty rusty. They haven't really played a game together yet.

    Spurs Duncan Parker and Manu have the Championships to argue. But then again, lately Duncan and Manu haven't been getting it done (like losing to the sonics). Obviously Tony Parker is an important factor to the Spurs' Lineup so i wouldn't say it a real big 3. If it was a real big 3, they'd be able to beat a team like dallas or the suns with only 2 of the original big 3. Just like how Boston was almost able to defeat the Magics if Hedo didn't make the game winner or when they beat Dallas by 6.

    Conclusion: Boston's Big 3 is the best out of the Spurs and Lakers.

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    First of all..

    Those aren't the only BIG 3's around..

    you have:

    Stoudemire, Marion and Nash of the Suns

    Nowitzki, Stackhouse and Terry of the Mavericks

    Paul, West and Stojakovic of the Hornets

    James, Ilgauskas and Hughes of the Cavaliers

    Williams, Boozer and Kirilenko of the Jazz

    Jamison, Butler and Arenas of the Wizards

    Jefferson, Carter and Kidd of the Nets

    Iverson, Camby and Anthony of the Nuggets

    Billups, Hamilton and Wallace of the Pistons

    Artest, Bibby and Martin of the Kings

    Howard, Turkoglu and Lewis of the Magics

    and a lot more..

    Now back to your question, among those 3 teams Boston's is my choice. Because you can't go wrong with KG, one of the best big men in history, Ray Allen, a pure-shooter with a 3-point range that can kill, and Paul Pierce, plays smart and has some of the best drives I've ever seen..

    For the Spurs, Parker isn't really much of a great guard. He just isn't dominant enough. He does have the skills though. While Duncan and Ginobili are ok but I've seen them doing better in the previous season.

    And finally, the Lakers, we don't really know much about their Big 3 because Gasol hasn't played yet and Bynum hasn't returned, so we'll get to see what they can really do when Bynum is back.

    SO it actually is BOSTON's Big 3 that is the best..

    **and I'm not saying this because I'm a Celtics fan**

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    I think when bynum comes back from injury, the Lakers will have the best three man tandum. Bynum is up and coming and he has a very solid game down low. He is also an excellent rebounder and he is an above average defender. His game will get better as he gets older.

    Pau Gasol is a proven all star. I predict that he will average at least 16 points and grab at least 9 boards for the lakers. This will take a great deal off of Kobe Bryant and Odom. Kobe can now exert more energy on defending the best guard, point guard, or small forward on the opposing team.

    Everyone knows what Kobe will bring to the table so there is no need to comment about that. I think since he has more help on offense, he can get more rest, help out in double teams, and we should start to see his stealing stats go up.

    This is why I think that the Lakers have the best 3 man tandum.

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    The Lakers is actually a Big 4, you left out Lamar Odom. So far this season, Boston's record is proof enough for me; it's wins that count. But on paper, the new Lakers Fab 4 looks scary! Before Gasol, the Lakers had the best record in the West before Bynum got injured. Throw in Gasol and when Bynum gets back, it's hard to argue against the strength of this starting 5 with Derek Fisher at PG. This Fab 4 looks better IMO than the Laker's last Fab 4 of Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton.

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    It will be interesting to see how Gasol will fit in with the Lakers. The Lakers are already a good team without Gasol. When a pretty good team makes that kind of acquisition you gotta consider them as title contenders. It takes versatile players like Gasol for the triangle offense to work so at first glance he's a perfect fit. He can score with both hands in the paint and he even has a perimeter game. He should gel nicely with Kobe because he gets assists and he has superb court vision for a 7-footer so the Lakers' inside-out game should be in high gear. Bynum won't have any problems with Gasol when he comes back from his current injury. When Bynum comes back Gasol will have no probs shifting back to the 4 (where he belongs).

    Gasol will be the primary low post scorer throughout the season and the playoffs and not Bynum but that's ok for Laker fans. Bynum scores enough in the paint (12 per game) to make it hard for teams to defend. Because of Kobe and Bynum, Gasol's production numbers (points & rebounds) will probably go down but his assists might go up slightly.

    All of that said I would love to see a Celtics/Lakers rematch in the Finals after all these years and this time I'd be backing Beantown. The Lakers don't have a lot of time to gel with Gasol and it will be tough for them to put it together and reach the Finals this year.

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    The Spurs are not playing that well at the moment plus you can debate Manu being in the BIG 3 when he won the 6th man of the year. The Lakers haven't had a chance to gel but Bynum has proven to work out with Kobe and we will soon see how Gasol fit in. So up to this point The celtics has the best Big Three.

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    the T-Wolves and clippers big 3 is a joke...

    I'm going with the spurs as of now, even tho im a lakers fan, only because they've proven themselves already with 2 championships this decade together and the boston celtics although they've been great haven't had the time to do anythign significant yet and my lakers big three havent played together and bynums hurt

    Prolly be a better question to ask in a few years.

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    I hate calling someone the big 3 except for the Celtics and the Spurs.

    So it means that every team has a big 3...??? I don't think so!!!

    Suns - Marion, Nash, Stoudamire

    Mavs - Dirk, Howard, Terry or Stackhouse

    Twolves - Jefferson, McCants, Gomes

    Clippers - Magette, Kaman, Cassell

    Can you accept that???!!!

    If that's the case, I might just include my

    Jazz - Boozer, Williams and Kirilenko

    and former Jazz - Stockton, Malone, Hornacek

    How about this former Sonics - Ellis, McDaniel, Chambers

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    Lakers has the big 4. Gasol, Bynum, Odom and Kobe.

    So, the Celtics has the big 3.

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