Windows ME system restore not an option in list, display adapter uninstalled....?

My display adapter was somehow deleted and i cannot find one that is compatible with my computer. I already tried the "search for updated drivers" option, it just wants to reinstall the vga one i am currently running. my resolution is stuck at 640x480 and 16 colors. so after searching for days for a display adapter i figured i should just do a system restore, well it's not even an option on the list from the start menu>programs>accessories>system tools. It's not there! I've used it before no problem. I also tried run> msconfig>launch system restore...says "unable to launch system restore".

But if i could just find the display driver for my model that's compatible then i wouldn't need system restore. my system board is acer laboratories inc. Ali 1631 1.0 on Windows ME. I'm running with an AGP graphic card and directx 8.1. no idea what the display adapter was, it completely removed and reverted back to standard VGA. I also tried run>dxdiag like someone else suggested earlier but it just conferms that it's standard VGA adapter. can't anyone help me fix this? it's been a week and it's getting to be very aggrivating.

Edit: i downloaded everest home edition to figure out my 3d accelerator like someone else suggested, it's a NVIDIA riva i install that driver? it says on that it's only compatible w/windows 2000, i have win. ME, would it still work?


Omg! thank you payne! the second link you listed worked...i just can't belive it..i was so used to looking at the gigantic letters and aweful color that when it booted back up i didn't reconise the screen...thank you so much, you don't know how much i appritiate it.

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