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pride n prejudice original novel

would it be 2difficult for me,as a f2 student to read pride n prejudice original novel?

plz explain wif reasons and ur own experience =]

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    nah...I remembered I read the Chinese version first (at that time I was in P6),then I read a simplified version and finally the original one(F3).

    Well, I'm not sure how good your english is.But as long as you now the story (I mean you better read the Chinese one before the original one), then it's be much easier for you to follow the english version.

    You know, it was a 17th or 18th(well,I'm not sure) novel. The laguages are a bit different from that of nowadays.

    I remember I read Charles Dickens when I was F5. It was ok but there were many old worlds that we don't use now...

    anyway, I'm really impressed by your effort.:)

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