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english adverb + compare

To English masters:

I have two questions about English. Thanks a lot for answering.


The increase in A provides both the B and the C, which can increase D, "as discussed already" in part 1.

or should I say: "as already discussed" in part 1?


Could you give me some phrases about the usages of "comparing" and "compared"?

I have some problems of distinguishing these two.


1. about the position of adverb. In that sentence, is it more favorable to use one instead of another?

2. I hope that people can give me some examples to distinguish the "comparing" and "compared". Th position can be anywhere in sentences.

Reply in Chinese is always welcome.

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    我有二個關於英語的疑問。 為回答謝謝很多。


    一的增加提供 B 和 C,能增加 D, " 當做已經討論 " 在部份 1 中.

    或我應該說嗎: " 當做已經討論 " 在部份 1 中?


    你可以給我關於 " 比較 " 而且 " 比較 " 的用法的一些片語嗎?


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    I have 2 questions for you as well.

    Q1: In your second question, do you mean you're not sure which of the 2 you should go with when you want to start off a sentence?

    2008-02-05 19:59:57 補充:

    Q2: Can I answer this in Chinese because it'll be a) a bit wordy and b) containing some English technical terms, which might not be very reader-friendly for others if done in English?

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