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    Book Description

    When a large plane is hijacked, the Prime Minister looks at the list of passengers and suddenly becomes very, very frightened. There is a name on the list that the Prime Minister knows very well - too well. There is someone on that plane who will soon be dead - if the hijackers can find out who he is!

    And there isn't much time. One man lies dead on the runway. In a few minutes the hijackers will use their guns again. And the Prime Minister knows who they are going to kill.

    Book Summary:

    There is a horrible hijack,with some terrorists on the plane.The terrorists are from People’s liberation Army.They want to safe their brothers from the prison.So they threat the Prime Minister to set their brothers free on time or they’ll kill the passengers one after another.

    On the board sitting two friends,they expect strongly to back home to their family,one of them is the prime minister’s husband.So the minister has a dig dilemma.At the moment,Colonel,the advisor of the minister,sacrifices himself to explode the plane and also kill the terrorists to prevent the tragedy.

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