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我認為hero是他有過人傑出的表現,而只會在電影裡出現的角色,而role model則是我們在日常生活中可以學習的對象。不是每個人可以當英雄,但大家可以做個好的模範。我的role model 是我的爸爸,雖然從小我很害怕我爸爸,因為他的臉很嚴肅,不喜歡笑。當我無法解出數學答案時,他會教我如何作答,但到最後他都很生氣。因為我一直都不了解。雖然說我有一位嚴肅的爸爸,但他是我的role model。或許他覺得他不是,但他忘了從我們一出生他就教了我們很多事,像是如何走路,教我們什麼是禮貌還有要如何面對學校的種種問題,甚至未來的生活。雖然說父母有時候會犯錯,有些地方是不值得我們去學習,但我相信人不是十全十美的。不會因為這樣,他就不是我的role model


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    I believe a hero is someone with an extraordinary achivement and an

    ideal character that only exists in movies. Role model, on the other

    hand, is someone who possesses invaluable qualities that we can follow

    in our daily lives. Not everyone is capable of becoming a hero, yet

    everyone has the ability to be a great role model. My role model is my

    father, although I was always afraid of him when I was younger

    because of his serious and smileless facial expressions. When I could

    not understand some math problems, he would always teach me how

    to solve them, but end up in anger because I was never able to learn

    them no matter how many times he has taught them to me.

    Even though I have a strict father, he is still my role model. Perhaps he

    does not believe so, because he forgot that he has taught us so much

    since I was born, such as how to walk, what politeness is, how to deal with various situations at school, and even my future. Although parents do make mistakes that are not worth learning, I believe nobody is perfect.

    Therefore, my father would always be my role model regardless of his

    occasional flaws.

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    Besides some errors with punctuations, the rest is really good. Good choice of words, and well structured.


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    002 is pretty good.

    Another advice: Stay away from software translation. It is usually very aweful.

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    所以,有現成的工具,當然還是多多利用囉! {^  ^}

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