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why are they called "world champions" when...?

there is no other country compete in the NFL and by the way NFL stands for NATIONAL football league

just wonder and btw, GO GIANTS!!!

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    typical american series when only americans can enter that because if any other countries enter the yanks would get beat??????

  • SW1
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    1 decade ago

    This has to come up every time there is a World Series, Super Bowl, NBA championship, etc etc. More and more people are being brainwashed into this "political correctness" thing. WHAT OTHER COUNTRY HAS A BETTER FOOTBALL TEAM THAN THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL???? They are the best in the world, period. MLB takes the biggest stars of the Japanese leagues and they are average when they come over here. It's okay to say our athletes and leagues are the best in the world, because they are!!!

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    Whether there are representatives from other countries or not, they are still the best football team in the world. Seeing as we are the only country that plays football on a large scale, I dont think you can make much of an argument with that.

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    It must seem pretty obvious, by now, that a modicum of socialism is in order, i.e. health care, preserving and not spending Social security, etc. I find that the leaders of the world have run away with "their" wealth as much as everyone else's. I would generally agree with the Pope's assessment but decline to endorse it on the basis that their accumulation of wealth has exceeded almost any on an equal footing- but then again, they have guaranteed income via their most devoted parishioners. Needless to say I'm not Catholic- no true malice intended, however.

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    other countries would get killed if they played in the nfl! anyway football is mostly an american sport (one im proud of!). since no other country plays football, they have the right infact to be called world champs. congrats btw to the giants but i wish the pats won. =(

  • 1 decade ago

    Probably because we send a bunch of college seniors who just want to play another game (Division 3 up through 1A) to play other countries National teams.....and the only one to compete with them was Japan I think....If that team played even the Dolphins.......they'd probably never play us would be too embarrassing.

  • 1 decade ago

    What country would challenge the Super Bowl Champions ?

  • 1 decade ago

    because the miami dolphins can beat every international football team out there

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