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He doesn't? or he....?

now i feel weird. Like, I talked to this guy and told him i like him. he doesn't like me, but we r like really really good friends. I mean this isn't ur normal guy. He's cute and funny and has a weird laugh, but i like him. He doesn't play sports, but he's really cool. I told him i like him and he said that was ok, but he doesn't like me. Now I feel all nervous around him. wat do i do?

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    gahh it is no fun to be in the kind of situation you are in! Are you sure he doesn't like you? Maybe he is just scared. Maybe he is afraid of losing the friendship if anything were to go wrong betwwen you two if you started dating.

    When I told my co-worker ( we got along really well ) that I had liked him for months, he told me nothing would ever happen between us, and deleted me from his myspace! lol. We work together though and at first I felt extremely nervous about working with him. But that only lasted about an hour. I decided to just act like nothing had ever happened, like I'd never told him I liked him. And we get along great at work still. We still goof around and laugh and its just like it always was.

    I still like him and i wish we could be more than friendly co-workers, but at least the work relationship did not suffer.

    Maybe your friend really doesn't like you as anything more than a friend. But be grateful that he is still willing to view you as a friend after you told him that you see more in him. A lot of guys would cower at that and break off tthe friendship.

    Just act normal. Eventuallly things will feel normal again for you if you just act normal. Act weird and nervous, and things will be weird.

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    just let time pass. the same thing has happened to me: i told a guy friend i liked him and it was super weird for a couple days but it eventually got normal again and we were cool.

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    omg this is werid i feel the same way about this other guy and i havnt told him i like him bewcause i dont want this to happen like im scared it would change our friendship.

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    yea dont creep him out because when i said no to a guy that asked me out and he kept on asking it was getting real creepy

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    If you keep going for it, you might creep him out. You have to respect his saying no. All you can do now is try to be friends

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    well you can't take your confession back but you can laugh it off preferably with him ...when you make light of something it usually makes you feel better

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