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T-shirt allergy?

This came on all of the sudden. Usually I wear a cut off tee under a t-shirt. Today I didn't and wore a 50% polyester 50% cotton. I started to break out bad on my back where I sit up against the chair. I sprayed it with benedryl, it went away. Washed the shirt, put it back on, and I broke out again. Am I allergic? Yesterday I wore a Fox Racing long underwear shirt under that exact t-shirt, 50/50 like it as well. Didn't break out. What gives?

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    Have you recently changed laundry detergents or soaps? Fragrances and scents added to laundry detergents and soaps can often cause a reaction like you described. So can changes in chemicals in water (such as if the city changed the additives in the city water). Also, if you have never worn blended shirts in the past, then maybe you are allergic to polyester and you should stick to 100% cotton shirts. Finally, stay away from scented colognes, perfumes, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. Find out what is causing you to break out, and remove that from your lifestyle. In the meantime, you can take two Benadryl (50mg total) to relieve the itching and slow the bumps down.

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