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Where can I take Free Algebra and English tests Online?

I need to practice for a test that I have to try not to get any answer wrong, or I'll have to wait a long time to take it again.

Where can I practice Algebra and English for Free Online?

Thanks ;-)

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    If I knew what grade level, I could offer more help. North Carolina, a leader in education, has sample EOC questions on their website. Here is a sample of each:

    The site is hard to navigate if you're not familiar with it. If you have any trouble, let me know. Just click on my screen name & send me an email. The above links are for Algebra I & English I. I'll be happy to send the links for higher grade levels.

    The site also has practice items for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Algebra II, Civics & Economics , Geometry , Physical Science, U.S. History & the NC HS Comprehensive Test. The EXTEND/NCATS is for Special Education only, so ignore those.

    Also, NC-DPI' s site links to this:

    I applaud your motivation! :)

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    try typing in your questions to the search engine

    type in free online english or algebra tests as this search engine is clustered. Click on the choosen clustered toolbar at the lefthand side after you click search.

    hope this helped.

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