The old Lay's Potato Chips Slogan.?

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Betcha Can't Eat Just One. I can't eat just one. Can you? (serious question. i don't think anyone can, my sister begs to differ.)
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I am a lot older than you and the other respondants and they were using that slogan in the 1960-70's when there were only a few flavours of potato chips.

Up here in Canada I have been off Lays now as they cook them in Sunflower oil, I am allergic to it, we have a brand here cooked in veg oil so I can on ocassion eat a few. All companys had there unique slogans years ago to attract customers, I also remember the "Frito Bandito".

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Woah. Considering I'm not that old, I must really know my old times trivia! Thanks. I guess if you're allergic you can eat just one.
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  • vinceums answered 6 years ago
    It's an issue of motivation. Why would anyone just eat one? They already have the whole bag and it won't cost them any more to have a second, or 20 more. If someone was offering 100 dollars to anyone who could eat just one, there would be a line around the block. You could take that 100 dollars, go buy a can of pringles and satisfy your jonez for chips and still have 98 dollars left over.
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  • ✿Donna❀ answered 6 years ago
    I can eat just one potato chip (any brand). But I can never eat just one Chee-tos!
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  • Julie answered 6 years ago
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  • Valley Mental Health tooele Utah answered 6 years ago
    get layed
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