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Which acne product should I buy for my daughter?

\Which would you choose to control acne for your daughter?

Products with benzoyl peroxide (is used to promote skin cancer in lab animals to study treatments):

ProActiv, Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogena, ZAPZYT, Stridex, philosophy, AcneFree, OXY, PCA SKIN



Products containing salicylic acid (risk of Reye's Syndrome - a life-long disease that is lethal to the liver and brain):

St. Ives Apricot Scrub, dermalogica, Neutrogena Body Clear, Stridex, Clean & Clear, Nature's Gate, ChapStick (Overnight lip treatment), Neutrogena Wave, Carmex, Olay Age Defying, Noxzema, Aveeno, Biolage by Matrix, philosophy, Bye Bye Blemish, Yodora, Olay Definity, Noxzema, L'Oreal, Olay Total Effects

Salicylic Acid: skin cancer, premature aging, Reye's Syndrome, asthma attacks

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    Talk about a brainwashed society. If it causes skin cancer in the same animals that are used to develop skin cancer treatments for humans, it will *logically* cause skin cancer in the humans who use the treatments developed from these animals - since our dermal make-up is similar and skin cancer treatments developed ON these creatures react the same on human. Duh.

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    The proactive does work good. The one thing many people do not know about acne is it stems from an infection in the skin and many times getting rid of it can be as easy as going to the doctor and getting a prescription for an antibotic as well as prescription strength creams. My daughter uses the nuetrogena soap to wash her face and sea breeze astringent for the deep clean after she washes and rinses her face. When she does have a breakout she washes her face as usual and before going to bed she uses Desitin and puts it only on the affected area, the zinc in it helps to dry it up. You can also take just regular peroxide and a cotton ball and go over the face with it to clean out the pores better and it is a lot cheaper.

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    Neither. I found that "home remedies" worked better. Weak green tea or witch hazel (buy it at the pharmacy) on a cotton ball for a toner / astringent / make-up remover / refresher. Don't use soap, it makes acne worse, instead use baby wash or baby shampoo for washing the face once a day, and plain water the rest of the time.

    As someone who has suffered acne problems and threatening acne problems her whole life, with a 12 year old son who has the same difficulties, as well as my sisters, father, and one aunt - this is what we have found most effective over the long term. The most important part is religiously following a three-times-a-day schedule (once with cleanser like baby wash, twice with water), and letting as few chemicals as possible contact the skin, and minimising the time they are there.

    Make-up is a bad offender - convince her that if she has to wear it, wash it off as soon as possible. Also, use a good quality moisturizer with low fragrance. We use Loreal and Avon.

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    Clean And Clear. Take it from someone who owns ProActiv and Clean And Clear. I had a bunch of acne, I used ProActiv first, and for a whole 3 weeks nothing happened at all. Then I tried Clean And Clear and my acne was pretty much gone in 3 days. It is scientificallu proven the best acne cream.

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    Honestly, I think everything is going to cause some bad side effect. You have to weigh the pros and cons and choose the one that you think is least likely to affect your daughter. Also, just because something has been shown to cause cancer in lab animals doesn't necessarily mean it will in you or your child.

    In all truth, if you are that worried go to a health food store (one that sells natural soaps and such) and just get your daughter into a habit of washing her face with an all-natural soap twice a day to control her acne.

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    I've used both, and would probably recommend a product with benzoyl peroxide. And I think the only reason they "promote skin cancer" is because the benzoyl peroxide makes your skin more suceptible to the sun--which can be solved using moisturizer with a high SPF all the time.

    If you're really concerned about side effects, you might want to bring your daughter to a dermatologist, who will be able to tell you everything (though the side effects with prescription meds can be even worse--the oral meds I take wear down tooth enamel down over time, yikes!).

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    Well Im 13 and I use 3 diffrent kinds.

    1) Witch Hazle

    2) Clearasil

    3) Noxima

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    All of those products are putting chemicals on your daughters face. I had this same problem when I was in middle school. And it lasted until my freshman year of college.

    That year, a friend of mine told me that she washed her face with water and uses a gentle acne exfoliator...and that's it. I did the same thing... I haven't had a breakout since. I;m in my last semester of my senior year. I do get one pimple a month during ovulation... this month its on the bottom of my chin. I love my regime... the product is called Murad. They have many different lines...but the acne treatment gel works the best. I was with water in the morning and at night and put a thin layer of my Murad serum on every day. I love my skin...and my friends envy my skin.

    It's steep in price and in facial benefits. Very worth it.

    $53 at Sephora or online.

    Source(s): Honey... been there and done that. Now my skin is fabulous and I love saying that.
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    i heard proactive works but it depends on the skin type. i've used acne free and it takes a long time for improvement so i would not recommend that. i heard bye bye blemish also works! oh yea apricot scrub blemishes also worked for me too. i had little blemishes and it helped clear some away! i really liked that product too because it was inexpensive and it actually worked for me.

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