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short versus tall?

well i am 5'1 and very petite. i am definitely not the most beautiful person in the world, but i think i am pretty. do you think taller girls in general are more beautiful than short girls?

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    it depends on the person.

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    well the height of someone cant make a person pretty ot ugly

    some tall girls are really beautiful

    ans some short girls are beautiful

    some guys like tall girls

    while others like short ones

    and to some it doesnt matter

    a girl will be beautiful because she is is not because she is short or tall

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    Tall or short is really just a preference or as they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As long as you are happy with yourself and take care of yourself you should feel confident and yes definitely beautiful. I mean beautiful because pretty to me sounds so superficial. Have fun being yourself and unique.

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    I think both are really pretty.

    Short people can pull of more fashions cuz some clothes just look cute on short people.

    But at the same time tall people have really pretty long legs and arms, but some times they look dangly.

    I think as long as somebody walks with confidence they can pull anything off.

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    I think it's way better to be too short than too tall. There was this one girl who was 6'3 and very husky. She was teased so much, if you mentioned her height she'd literally cry. At least if you're short you get to be cute and you can pretty much always find clothes that fit you. Especially if you're petite, most people will find you attractive.

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    Height isn't everything! I'm pretty tall and I'm pretty but I need short girls who are just as pretty and I know tall girls who are really ugly! Also, boys heights don't matter either! I once went out with a boy like 2 feet shorter than me! I even slow danced with him (awkward!) but I lvoed him and thats all that mattered!

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    i'm tall and i hate it because i can't wear heels without being like 6 foot tall. i think short is better cause short ppl are cute lol

    Source(s): i'm 5"9
  • Anonymous
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    "Pretty" comes in all different looks, shapes and sizes. I'm sure there's no specific height of prettyness, that sounds ridiculous.

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    i am just 5'0 and i love being short! it depends on the person, every one is pretty in their own way.

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    it just depends on the people themselves not how tall they are

    oh and im 5'7" and love it

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