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ProE bogging really bad!?

I have the student version of Pro Engineer (ProE) on my HP pavilion dv2000 laptop w/ an nvidia geforce go 6150 graphics card. The problem is that when i click on something ProE doesn't respond instantaneously, it takes up to 5-10 seconds in some instances to react. What is the deal? What do I do? And also, how do I spin an object w/o the scroll wheel? (i'm using a laptop).


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    Pro/E, even the student version, is a demanding program. It requires a reasonably high spec computer for it to run smoothly, especially when designing larger / more complex assemblies.

    PTC recommends 'certified' hardware to run the software on.

    However I can quite happily run Pro/E on my NON certified home PC. It's fitted with a geforce 7600GT which is essentially a mid range gaming card. Nvidia make the Quadro range of graphics cards, targeted at CAD users. These are optimized for OpenGL performance but they carry a larger price tag than gaming cards.

    Unfortunately, laptops including yours, tend to use lower spec graphic chipsets which are more than adequate for running office software, but lack the power required for 3D CAD apps.

    There are high end laptops ‘mobile workstations’ available which are designed for running 3D cad apps. But again these tend to be more expensive than normal laptops.

    With the introduction of Wildfire, PTC dropped support for 2 button mice, in favour of the more popular wheel mice. I would highly recommend buying a wheel mouse. Even for use on your laptop.

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