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Two Sweet Chin Music Questions And +EXTRA?

S.C.M, Questions-

1. Have HBK Ever Done The S.C.M With His Left Leg??

2. Do You Think HBK Can Do The S.C.M. On Khali? Will He

Able To Reach It??


Who Is The Wrestler Wears A Mask?? He Is From TNA. He Is Little Fat And Tall. His Mask Is I Think.......Brown.....

Who Is He?


S.C.M === Sweet Chin Music

Hope You Have Brains :)

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    Shawn Michaels has hit the Big Show with Sweet Chin Music with the help of holding on to the ropes, so yes I beleive he could do it to Khali also. The other wrestler you desribed is Abyss. Sweet Chin Music is actually a variety of moves just used with the same names. It is either referred to as Sweet Chin Music, or The Super Kick. It's usually done as a Sidekick with heel on the edge, or a reverse thrust kick. He's also attempted to do it as a front kick or " Big Boot" to the face, but each time he's done this, his foot's been grabbed and the move reversed.

    Sweet Chin Music has been done with both the left and right leg, more commonly with the right as HBK Is right handed.

    The other wrestler you desribed I beleive is Abyss, but he's far from short.

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    1. I m sure he has but i dont kmow of a specific time.

    2. I always wanted to see HBK attempt S.C.M om Khali and figure out he cant reach. The he goes back and Sweet CHin Music Khali below the belt then when Khali bends over he hits khali with sweet chin music regular.

    Extra- I think u r talking about Abyss

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    1 Yes 2 Yes Extra : Abys

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    1. I dont think so he may have though.

    2. The scm does not always hit their chin, so he might be able to.

    EXTRA-Probably the monster abyss.

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    1. No, only his right leg

    2. No, when it was Khali vs. HBK at RAW, he couldn't


    "The Monster" Abyss

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