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what's the difference between dog antibiotics human antibiotics?

can a human take dog antibiotics or vice versa?

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    no difference

    Human medications and factories that create them are held to a higher standard.

    There isn't really a dosage difference either contrary to what people are saying. The difference is weight. Antibiotics are dosed by weight. So 25lb dogs take less than what a 200lb human would, but the same amount that a 25lb 3yo would take.

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    When the dog and human drugs have the same name, there is no difference. There are a few antibiotics used in animals that are not used in humans, but for the most part animals an people use the same antibiotics.

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    Legally no you would not want to caught taking your dog's prescription and you could do serious harm giving your dog your prescription.

    Are some of the drugs the same drug - yes. But there is a big difference and dose and indication in humans vs. dog.

    If you think your dog needs antibiotics you need to talk to your vet.

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    A dog tollerance to some humans medication is limited. However a human can and does a much bigger variety of antibiotics than dogs can.

    There are some that can be taken by both. Only a vet can tell you which these are and dogs seems to have a much bigger intollerence to antibiotics than humans do. Allergic reaction are are always something to be on the look out for with both humans and dogs.

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  • Ista
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    Some prescriptions are the exact same drug, just different doses.

    Growing up, we raised rabbits, and on occassion one would have an infection of some sort. The vet gave mom amoxicillian to give to them. Fast forward a few years, I ended up with an infection, my doctor prescribed amoxicillian. I flipped! Didn't want to take rabbit medicine! lol. Turns out, it's the same thing, just different doses.

    You, for obvious reasons, don't want to try and diagnose your dog's illness on your own, for the same reason you don't want to guess as to what drug or how much to give him, as you could do serious damage to your dog's health.

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    There is a big difference to human dosage to dog. They may be the same precription but it has different levels of med's in them.

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    no they cant because all the ingredients are according to your weight. also some things animals cant digest so it has to be completely safe. also how would you know if its the right medication for the problem without seeking a veterinarian for your pet or a doctor for a person.

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  • no humans can't take dog med. vice versa.

    Dog antibiotics are for dogs and human antibiotics are for humans.

    human med works for humans just like dogs med work for them.

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