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Can someone translate this from Flemish to English? "OK dees is zonder zever, ik mis jouw"?

A special friend sent me a text message with this, he never speaks Flemish to me and I want to figure it out before I talk to him again. I guessed that the last part means "I miss you" but I don't know the first part. Any help?

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    "Ik mis jouw" is not correctly spelt. It must be : "Ik mis jou",

    but, indeed, it means : "I miss you".

    And "OK dees is zonder zever" means :

    OK, this is really true.

    Source(s): I'm Dutch, but we understand the Flemish language, because it's very Dutch.
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    zonder zever sorta means "awkward" or "something else" theres no direct translation. its saying ok this is awkward, i'll miss you.

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