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How can some people be labeled anti social by others isn't it a contradicting policy?

Also another good question how come its common for people to tell others to take responsibility when it obviously goes against the common sense law of for every action there is a reaction not delving into karma but without considering a belief system?

And another inquiry into antisocial do you think that many people in the past the wanted to change the world were labeled as such till they actually showed others the benifiets?

Does it only take two people to call one person anti social and why exactly not, and in reference is psychology itself to blame for brilliant people getting meshed into a system that takes away there identity and tells them their sick.

now the final thought can you only earn your lifelong sanity and does that mean if so alot of us run from the truth?


Just take your medication and move on

In reply to that-

The term oppression is primarily used to describe how a certain group is being subordinated by unjust use of force, authority, or societal norms. When this is institutionalized formally or informally in a society, it is referred to as "systematic oppression". Oppression is most commonly felt and expressed by a widespread, if unconscious, assumption that a certain group of people are inferior. Oppression is rarely limited solely to government action. Individuals can be victims of oppression, and in this case have no group membership to share their burden of being ostracized.

P.S Wheres the outrage for such your laughters expense. I am not wrong anymore people should be willing to listen or they will keep destroying themselves I have no choice but to put up with it and I have faith in good things. I have never been a part of a false reality ever I know this in my heart.

Update 2:

Indirect oppression is oppression that is effected by psychological attack, situational constraints or other indirect means. It has been a popular tactic practiced in single power, power monopoly or other authoritarian or totalitarian regimes.

Totalitarianism is state regulation of nearly every aspect of public and private behavior. Totalitarian regimes or movements maintain themselves in political power by means of secret police, propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, personality cults, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, single-party states, the use of mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror tactics.

Funny thing is I don't feel paranoid and I know rational It would be the hardest thing to prove that to another person no matter who they are.

Update 3:


Merck and Co., Inc


Pfizer Inc.



Squibb Company





Abbott Laboratories


American Home




Eli Lilly and Co.





Allergan, Inc.


Like many of the 1 million children now diagnosed with bipolar, 5-year-old Jacob Solomon was initially believed to suffer from an attention deficit disorder. His parents reluctantly started him on Ritalin, but over the next five years, Jacob would be put on one drug after another. "It all started to feel out of control," Jacob's father, Ron, told FRONTLINE. "Nobody ever said we can work with this through therapy and things like that. Everywhere we looked it was, 'Take meds, take meds, take meds.'"

Over the years, Jacob's multiple medications have helped improve his mood, but they've also left him with a severe tic in his neck which doctors are having troub

Update 4:

fully explaining. "We're dealing with developing minds and brains, and medications have a whole different impact in the young developing child than they do in an adult," says Dr. Marianne Wamboldt, the chief of psychiatry at Denver Children's Hospital. "We don't understand that impact very well. That's where we're still in the Dark Ages."

sorry I just think this needs real understanding hoping someones on the same page here but whatever I might have to make my own website lol

Update 5:

DJ Koontz was diagnosed with bipolar at 4 years old, after his temper tantrums became more frequent and explosive. He was recently prescribed powerful antipsychotic drugs. "It is a little worrisome to me because he is so young," says DJ's mother, Christine. "If he didn't take it, though, I don't know if we could function as a family. It's almost a do-or-die situation over here." DJ's medicines seem to be helping him in the short run, but the longer-term outlook is still uncertain. "What's not really clear is whether many of the kids who are called bipolar have anything that's related to this very well-studied disorder in adults," says Dr. Thomas Insel, the director of the National Institute of Mental Health. "It's not clear that people with that adult illness started with what we're now calling bipolar in children. Nor is it clear that the kids who have this disorder are going to grow up to have what we used to call manic-depressive illness in adulthood

Update 6:

As you have guessed i've used a couple good sources if you want to know them message me.

What does it all mean I'll tell you short and simple we the american people were used as experiments for something that we had no control over, our parents will to provide a solution and they were exploited to increase profits for a doctors own companies.

Next time a psyche doctor says don't call me mr. I prefer Doctor I recommend you say I prefer the middle finger. Why should anyone say there has to be another way and why isn't that sad, the mind is just like the body my ***,

Next time you say a "mentally ill" person tell you he was a part of an experiment tell him hes right and listen to what he has to say you might be suprised.

Update 7:

Whens the last time you've heard someone says hes acting out oh but I hope he'll smarten up soon then followed by maybe he just has adhd and can't help it. WTF I mean am I missing anything at all? I hate to say it but I'm really start to lose faith in a world that does jack ****.

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    Just take your medication and move on

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    Live life for yourself; don't harbour regrets that hold you back, but use lessons to move further still; if you ever end up lying to yourself, then it's time to quit or fess up.

    Running from the truth is just another way of saying that we can't face up to societies problems. A lot of these are caused by governments and politics - greed and brash egotism. Just look at north Africa - they're taking the money that countries from all around the globe raised for the third worlds, and are pocketing it for themselves.

    I don't know about labelling, but it's been around since humans could communicate. 'Outcasts' have often been great people to make great beneficial changes; Einstein, Ghandi, and, of course, Jesus - for those who believe.

    Whether or not these outcasts exist, it can't be argued that they have made exceptional, often beautiful changes in people. It's just getting millions of individuals to co-operate that's the problem.


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