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殘疾人士斜路(Disable Ramp)條例疑問


想問吓若斜路最低處係一條1.2米闊的走廊(即非為1.5米乘以1.5米的空間),然後由斜路最低處伸延約1.5米有一度向外推出0既雙掩門,而推開雙掩門後始有一個1.5米乘以1.5米的空間,咁樣算唔算符合Cap123F第5(b)的要求?? (因為我見過一個剛驗完樓0既商業大廈出現上述情況)



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    理論上根足例係唔得既...雖然距離係好短..因為個1.5x1.5空間係俾輪椅調頭用, ramp 闊最少1.05m (part a below)

    1.05m for 直行

    1.5m for 轉身

    1.2m for 停車


    5. Ramps

    At changes in level other than when served by a lift or at kerbs, there shall be a ramp. Ramps shall be designed as follows-

    (a) ramps shall be not less than 1.05 m in width;

    (b) a space of not less than 1.5 m x 1.5 m shall be provided at the head and foot of every ramp;

    (c) no ramp shall be at a gradient steeper than 1 in 12;

    (d) where a ramp is at a gradient of 1 in 20 or steeper (but not steeper than 1 in 12), a landing of not less than 1.2 m long shall be provided for each 10 m length of horizontal run or part thereof;

    (e) any ramp with a rise more than 200 mm, leading down towards an area where vehicular traffic is possible, shall have a railing or barrier across the full width of its lower end, not less than 1.5 m from the foot of the ramp;

    (f) ramps shall be provided with handrails on both sides;

    (g) raised directional signs shall be provided on handrails mentioned in paragraph (f) in places which directional signs exist;

    (h) tactile warning strips shall be provided at the head and foot of a ramp;

    (i) the floor and wall along ramps shall be in contrasting colours;

    (j) no appliances, fixtures or fittings shall project more than 90 mm from the surface of any wall below a level of 2 m above the ramp level unless they are unavoidable, in which case they shall also be extended downwards to the ramp level or be guided by tactile flooring materials.

    Source(s): Cap 123F Sched 3 PERSONS WITH A DISABILITY (5.Ramp)
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