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    Taibei Mr. the pleased hotel triumphant pleased International Hotel group is in the domestic first hotel.


    From at the beginning of 1990 commencement of business, and officially began in the same year in on September 21 with the neighbor world trade displays the building, the international trade building and the international conference center conformity, formed a multi-purpose compound architectural complex--The Taibei world trade center, becomes the heartland which the Taiwan economic depth grows.


    The triumphant pleased international chain-like hotel in principle by the host country financial group or the organization investment, then entrusts the triumphant pleased International Hotel group management and operation.


    Based on the policy of blocs, triumphant pleased does not invest the fund or has the hotel stock.


    Because the various countries' passenger has been familiar with the triumphant pleased chain-like hotel gradually the innovation attitude, therefore world each place to triumphant serves under somebody's banner the hotel the demand to increase unceasingly pleased.

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    Big international hotel group of the hotel Hyatt of gentleman Yue in Taipei is at the first domestic hotel. Start doing business from 1990 beginning of years, and open formally on September 21 at the same year with neighboring of world trade exhibition building, international trade building and international conference center integrate, becoming a multi-function and compound trade center in the world of the buildings-Taipeis, becoming the center district that the Taiwanese economic height grows up. The Hyatt international catena hotel is in principle paid a property by financial group or organization of landlord country, then entrusts a Hyatt international hotel group management a management. According to the group policy, the Hyatt doesn't put into a funds or own the share of hotel.

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