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setting up used fish tank any tips?

purchased a used fish tank at the local markets today any tips? is about 70cm x 40 cm if that helps and it didnt come with a filter but i dont water tropical i want fresh water

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    It sounds like a 30 gallon aquarium from the measurements you gave.

    For this aquarium:

    -Get rid of anything it came with, except for the light and cover that light rests on(if it didn't come with a light then you'll need one made for a 30 gallon aquarium)


    - Clean aquarium with WHITE vinegar and baking soda, scrub every inch of it with a NEW sponge, and rinse thoroughally.

    -Buy new gravel, you need at least 1lb of gravel per every gallon.

    -You need the proper sized filter. Aquaclear sponge-style filters are best:


    - Plants (go with fake for now, upgrade to live later if you want to) as well as some sort of other ornament, if you want one... This is one of my 55 gallon Aquariums:


    Stress coat. It's a chemical that removes harmful chlorene from your tanks water. (follow dosing instructions on back of bottle)



    BEFORE you get fish your tank needs to be set up (rocks, plants, light, filter, chemicals, water) and it needs to "cycle" for 2 weeks, no less. This is to establish the bacteria bed in your filter to remove the toxins that fish create.

    The filter needs to be running, the light needs to go on in the morning, and off at night.

    1 week into the cycling process get some hearty fish, like Rosy barbs(6-8 of them) and add them to your tank. A week after that get a medium-sized pleco (or plecostamous)


    this will eat the algae that has probalby now built up in your tank, and will continue to do so.

    Wait 2 more weeks, my rule is: If all those fish are still alive after those 2 weeks them you can start buying other types to add.

    As for the tropical fresh water thing.... If by tropical you mean saltwater, then don't even worry about it. Most fish sold in petstores for freshwater tanks are FRESHWATER-tropical fish, so you get the look of saltwater fish without the cost, or the need for saltwater.

    Try browsing around this site for examples:


    Good luck with your Aquarium, and feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Source(s): EDIT: Rowdy Bull needs to look at a ruler... trust me... your aquarium is a 30 gallon... I measured mine just to be sure.
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    Most Tropical fish ARE fresh water. I think you mean you don't want salt water fish. You will need some type of filter system and aeration system.

    Biggest tip for keeping fish a long time.....DONT feed them very often. I only feed my fish twice a week and I have had fish live as long as 7 years. It keeps the tank cleaner by not over feeding them. Otherwise talk to the people at a fish/pet store. You can fill the tank now and let the water sit in it while you are thinking of getting fish.

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    A simple sailfin gibbiceps AKA an algae eater. These are the best fish. They cost about 5-8 euro. They eat the algae. They live for up to twenty years when cared for properly. They make great tankmates for other peaceful fish. They tolerate bad water conditions and can withstand various ph levels. They are the ultimate fish to have. A long with them you can throw in 2 female guppies and a male guppy and you'll have loads of babies before you know it. If you feel you have too many baby guppies you can sell them back to small pet shops for some extra cash. Hope I helped! By the way you need a heater for these types of fish.

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    70cm X 40cm X ?cm. It sounds like your aquarium is about a 30 Gallon.

    OK OK I messed up with the measurement...LOL...a bit tired and sorry for the wrong info LuLu...LOL. We all make mistakes. TOo funny.

    What type of fish do you want?

    Goldfish are a bit dirty...they produce a high level of amonia.

    Freshwater is Tropical...think of riverbeds, lakes, streams. Saltwater is also Tropical...but Marine fish....Ocean.

    Regardless of what fish you stock it with, go get a filter. Fish put out waste like anything else does and without a filter it will build up and kill your fish.

    A decent filter and heater is not too expensive for the investment.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): LuLu keeping me on track with the measurements....Thanks Hun! LOL...Great!
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    First Tropical and freshwater are the same thing, and second now im not sure what you wanted to put in it but either way a filter is always best to have makes cleaning your tank a less frequent chore for you. im not sure what else you need information wise

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    Have plants and planted under a thin layer of rocks. Also need to watch out the ph of the water. Depends on what type of fish you feed, eg no special worries for commet but if you feed black moore or bubble eyes don't put too much rocks in or any sharp rocks. (to portect their eyes)

  • Tom H
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    Yea make sure you have a pump which will provide O2 to the fish. algae eater fish are a good way to keep your tank clear. coloured stones at the bottom of the tank are real attractive and i suggest putting interesting fish in such as ballard sharks or malawis


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    Get old water with the correct bacteria and algae with the fish.

    Boil all parts before adding to tank.

    Use sterile water for the first water change.

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