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volunteering to care for infants?

i want to volunteer to help out and care for infants....

i just finished reading a book called "baby alicia is dying" which was about a girl who volunteers at some place and becomes reallly close to a baby that has AIDS. in the end, the baby passes away... but this book really touched me and i want to volunteer also. are there any places in winter park, fl??

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    Hospice volunteers are an invaluable asset to the dying. Most Hospices deal with children's cases, now.

    Check in your local area for a Hospice service. You will receive volunteer training, and you can pick your cases.

    Not everyone can deal with death. The fact that this book touched you could indicate that you are a person who might understand and be able to help comfort not only the dying patient, but their families as well.

    Hospice does not only deal with the actively dying patient. The quality of a patient's life in their last months, weeks and days is a high priority. That's where the volunteers come in. You may read a book to someone, hold their hand while they tell you about their life, or just be a familiar face to them when no one else is available.

    God Bless you. You will receive much more than you can ever give. You will receive a feeling of worth that no amount of money can buy.

    Here is the Winter Park, Florida Hospice information:

    Vitas Innovative Hospice Care

    (407) 670-6400

    2075 Loch Lomond Dr

    Winter Park, FL 32792

    Source(s): I am a Hospice Nurse in Florida. I am not associated with Vitas.
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  • Call your area hospitals to ask if they opportunities to volunteer. You will need to attend an onsite orientation, go through a criminal background check, fill out an application, have references to your character and abilities, etc. To work with children and infants, you will also have to undergo training.

    You can also try contacting children-focused nonprofits in your area. Contact your local volunteer center; you can find this via the Points of Light Foundation web site,

    Or, look for opportunities on

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    Look up volunteer's services in your area.

    There could be . What a nice idea.

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