why do we sleep?

why do we sleep? WHY??

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    The Human Body is a very complicated machine, perhaps one of the best machines manufactured. However, if you buy a brand new car and drove it non-stop for a week, what do you think would happen? Chances are, outside of stopping for gas, it would break down, because the car is not designed to be driven 24/7. Likewise with the body. The main reason we 'need' sleep is to give the body time to 'repair' itself. The body is a multi-functioning system controlled by the brain, so you do not sit down and persistently say 'breathe in, now out, then in and out' let alone say 'heart beat, breathing in heart beat, breathe out' because like many systems this is all self functioning, self regulating. You do not say 'Kidney make urine now, bladder start filling up, quick I need to urinate' because it ticks away without you being conscious of it. That part of the brain is called the sub-conscious, because you are not aware of it, where as when you use your senses, think, you use your conscious. In fact your conscious is probably worn out by the end of the day, that is why we like to take a rest. While you sleep the sub-conscious and the conscious communicate, that is why they say if you have a problem, think about it before you go to sleep and in the morning you will have the answer. So the sub-conscious that regulates many body systems, get the chance to tell the conscious; hey mate you did not notice it today, but you have a pain in your chest. You wake up in the morning and suddenly out of nowhere you have a pain in your chest. Because you were too busy, the conscious was overloaded, you did not notice you were ill. Likewise as we reboot a computer, the body reboots itself while we sleep. It is given the freedom without stress, starin, movement, food, waste disposal, to check and recheck how systems are working and to iron out any kinks. That is why we need sleep. Likewise some people need 10 hours sleep while some only need 4 hours sleep, depending on how they use or abuse their body during the day. Good Luck

  • its Because we get to tired and forced to fall asleep

    !!! =ZzZZzZ

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