Beautiful places in spain ?

Best and beautiful places in spain ?

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    the Costa Del sol is beautiful loads of lovely beaches and glorious scenery , mijas is a must see if you ever get to go there , all along that coastline is spectacular ,i have been through Seville when we drove to Portugal ,its stunning with many shops and good restaurants , Spain is a lovely country been there many ties in different parts but my favorite is the Costa

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    Spain is beautiful. There are a huge number of magnificent sights which are not cities or may not be well known. For many years now I have attempted to find as many of them as I could by driving through Spain and stopping at as many places that I could, everything from Barcelona in the north to tiny white villages hugging the sides of the Sierra Nevada in the South. The best thing of all is the warmth of the people once you move away from the frenzy of busy and overcrowded beach resorts. Go and enjoy.

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    Spain is a jewel. There are as many beautiful places as there are facets to a diamond...and then some.

    La Alhambra in Granada.

    El Escorial outside Madrid.

    Toledo & Avila.

    San Sebastián

    Tossa de Mar


    Along the northern coast between Oviedo and Bilbao

    Arriondas, Covadonga

    Santiago de Compostela



    Valencia, especially El Saler

    Within each of these places there are myriad other places to see and wonder at. If you can't see something beautiful in Spain, you are paying attention.

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    Beautiful places all over Spain!!!

    Best? Depends on what you're looking for.

    Best Beaches...ummmm everywhere along the coasts. There are a couple of spots that are completely unspoiled along the Mediterranean, but Spain has excellent beaches everywhere.

    Mountains? I would say the Sierra Nevada, near Granada, and the Pyranees, but the Guadarrama has its merits too (near north and west of Madrid).

    Beautiful interior dry lands, etc.

    Barcelona is best known for the beauty of its Modernista architecture.

    If you're looking for really neat Roman structures: Segovia has a working aqueduct that's two thousand years old, Mérida has a theater complex still in use, Itálica, near Seville, has a whole retirement community that they have been excavating for years, and Tarragona has, among other things a beautifully preserved Roman Amphitheater and city wall.

    For really great Moorish structures and influence, Seville, Córdoba, Granada, and Teruel can't be beat, and for really great Christian structures, almost any other city...great churches EVERYWHERE!!!

    For Art, Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville are your best bets (great museums), and for people you could pretty much go anywhere and find beautiful people...loads of them!

    If you're thinking about going to Spain, I highly recommend it.

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    Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Granada and many, many more. The architecture, museums, art galleries, shops, harbours & beaches where appropriate. It would take a lifetime to visit all the beautiful and best places in Spain.

    You'll notice I didn't say Madrid. People say you either love Barcelona and hate Madrid or vice versa. Barcelona gets my vote every time.

    Check out the Spanish tourism website. I think it's excellent

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    Picos De Europa for Mountains and Gorges. Seville for Moorish City, The Alhambra in Granada, the Mesquita in Cordoba, Toledo for Medieval City, San Sebastian - Seaside, Monasterio de Piedra natural park near Zaragosa, Ronda,

    Alarcon for castle and setting, Santilla de Mar picturesque village. I could go on.....

    See links for the lesser known places I mentioned

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    normally for a person of the uk the best places seem to be near the south east coast, but there's a lot of beautiful places all over. i'm from madrid and i love that is quite fun, there's a lot of places to go and a lot of stuff to do, i also love barcelona because apart from having all the thigs madrid has, it's also in the coast!

    but there are a lot of small cities and villages that you may depends on what r u looking for...

    the north of spain is lovely is not that hot in the summer and people say is a little bit like england (you know...forests, rain, lol)...and there's a lot of things to see...

    and the south is wonderful the summer i find it too hot, but people is very friendly and outgoing...seville, granada and cadiz are my favourite places down there

    other recomendation would be the islands...baleares: mallorca, menorca, ibiza, etc in the mediterraneo , and in the atlantic sea canarias: tenerife, las palmas, lanzarote, etc., it all depends on what you want to do and what you'd like to see...i can't pick just one because my country is wonderful, friendly people, good food, wonderful weather in the spring and summer, lovely places to go... :)

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    mainland or Islands Spain is fantastic do you like quiet beaches inland???Quienca is unspoilt wonder full place Santander,and all around there there are so many Toledo,and Vigo all of Spain is fab and beautiful you could do one of those tours when you get there to your destination and you will not be disappointed

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    Salamanca is a beautiful place to spend a relaxing week, plenty of interesting places to visit, great history and some really genuine tapas bars.

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    something we don't really think about in UK i guess..spain is not just a place with beaches but a huge country full of ancient and historic buildings and again history..makes me want to go there and drive about for a couple of weeks and see what we happen across..yeah!! will add that thought to our list of things to do...thanks

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