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What will happen if I miss three days of my prescribed dose of prozac?

The doctor is not in for the weekend and I ran out of prozac. Will I be ok if I just miss 3 days?

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    You should be fine, just remember in the future to get a refill called in asap when you are running low.


    Good Luck and take care

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    If you have been on them for a while, and you usually or always get them from the same pharmacist, you should be able to get enough from there to tide you over - they can ring the doctor and get confirmation that you can have some more, and they may give you the normal number, with the surgery delivering the prescription later.

    I used to work for a doctor and this happened occasionally.

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    Its really not good missing that many doses.

    You should be able to get some if you go to your local hospital (im in uk, so don't know if you are able to do that?) as long as you have a record of your prescription. (and if you don't have that, they might be able to check out your details)

    Also, can i suggest you keep better track of it in the future to make sure you don't run out again.

    (I'm sure you know that already, so i don't want to sound patronising!)

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    Yes you will be fine!

    Do not double up though and maybe check @ a pharmacy you frequently visit maybe they can give you a refill as an exception.

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    No, I'm afraid not. You have to turn 18, no later than the day of the election.

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    3 days should be ok, just dont leave it longer than that

    good luck


  • just take three times more to make up...YOU'LL totally ROCK.

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