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How come obese women are now BBWs (big beautiful women) and obese guys are just fat?

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    I agree. How about a new category for men? 'Rugged Rotund Men'

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    Divinity !. Ofcourse good looks, great body or just dressing the right way does help. (i.e. from a purely physical perspective). But, I like to believe that man(human beings) are much more than just social animals. We often tend to forget that we all have a capacity to exist as spirit led beings. ( especially because of the over emphasis of fashion / good looks / materialism in the world ). Ultimately, physical attributes will and can only be physical or look aesthetic in a certain way. But, it's the "soul of the woman" which really matters. Imagine this, what use can a sexy figure or great looks or fancy clothes be if the woman does not have a equally good personality ?. It would merely help her to be a sex-symbol isn't it ?. ( or in other words, a bimbo !. ) // Sorry Ladies ! . . . // So, I guess it's a matter of choice or opinion. Imagine if the woman has a beautiful personality i.e. attitude / personality / a good soul . . . and on top of that, she has great looks, or a great body, or a good dressing sense. Now, that would really be something. Isn't it ?. Even if she doesn't have all of these physically appealing attributes, but still has a wonderful personality, a warm, kind, and a beautiful heart, she would be beautiful beyond words. What I feel, is that, it's the Divinity inside a person that makes the person beautiful !. But, I guess it's what "I" feel :) . . . Some people may think other wise ? . . . :) . . . Ex: I really like Norah Jones. I think she is my kind of a woman :) . . .

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    Because men aren't into frill and don't want to be called "beautiful". Most larger men would settle for "husky", "big", "large" and at worse, just plain old "fat" before accepting the moniker of "Big Beautiful Man". :)

    Also, a note to Elodi, there is no evidence that women gain weight more "easily" than men. Many companies would like you to believe that, but that' just because if you do, you'll spend an inordinate amount of money buying their snake oil. Unless you have a medical condition, weight accumulates the same way for everyone. Fat doesn't just magically appear. It comes from consuming more colories than *your* body needs. Yes, genetics factor into what would be considered your "metabolism", but this has nothing to do with sex and is simply unique to the individual. Which would explain families with husky men and slender women. Exceptions aside, we all gain weight for the same reason. From a lack of sensibility in what we eat and how much.

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    not all obese women are bbws, but most bbws are obese, if not overweight. It's not a new thing that's popped up but merely a realization tha theres a difference between someone who simply has fat all around a woman with very feminine curves.

    Obese guys aren't just fat. This is where the term husky or heavyset comes from. Fat men are obese or overweight men who mostly have beer bellies. Husky men are strong men with some excess weight but are generally just larger featured all around.

    There's no double standard here.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because women in general are beautiful period! BBW have curves and that looks more appealing than looking at an obese guy!

  • 1 decade ago

    Women are sexy regardless of size.

    But some fat guys are cute too. I think Mario Batali is pretty sexy.

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    Because typically (typically) men dont have esteem issues about there weight, guys dont usually feel bad about themselves concerning there weight. This title was given so that big women can feel good about there size and not have a complex

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    1 decade ago

    women took a stand for it more

    example there are plus size models now

    so, it is more acceptable for women as they were the ones that came forth and said something about it

    just an opinion...hope it helps!

  • 1 decade ago

    Bill, that is just one of those questions we will never understand.

    Just like:

    "How come when a man talks dirty to a woman, it's called sexual harassment. But when a woman talks dirty to a man, it's $2.99 for the first minute.. "

  • 1 decade ago

    Because women are more sensative about their weight. Men really dont care about their weight.

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