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Hope everyone is having a great saturday. But i have a quick question. I emailed my son who is in college some important information that he will need in order for something to be completed. He txted me this morning telling me he didnt recieve it . I went to the postal Office at 11:00 a.m. on friday morning and over-nighted it. Is the post office going to deliever this package today or did they b.s. me? any information would be helpful. Thank you =)

& i should of did fedex or ups!. darn!!

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    I suspect that the problem is that your son is required to pick up his mail at a centralized mailroom on campus, which may or may not be open on Saturdays. If the mailroom is not open on Saturday then no service would have gotten it to him on Saturday. Your son should contact immediately contact the local post office to see about going there and picking up the item, rather than waiting for it to show up on Monday. I also would have used delivery confirmation so that you would have so idea where the item is at.

    Source(s): I'm a USPS Letter Carrier, a Chief NALC Steward, and the moderator of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/postalworkers http://360.yahoo.com/spielmanjr
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    Did you ask for Saturday delivery?

    Usually for special services, you'll get a tracking number. Go to USPS.com (not USPS.gov) and enter the tracking number. It tells you a lot about what you ordered and the progress of the delivery. There is a little bit of a delay in the system so it isn't exactly "real time".

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    Fedex doesn't deliver on weekends... UPS would... but if you paid for overnight delivery with the USPS... it should be there. Depending on where he is at, some locations "overnight" means two day delivery simply because not as many flights going into some areas to get it there overnight.

    I'd try emailing it again as well.

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    I hate dealing with the USPS anymore! You could trust anything they said years ago! Not now. Yes, they may have BS'd you, and yes, always pay a little more and have important papers Fedex'd

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    why didn't you just fax it?????"???????? it is done all the time and they are legal doc.

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