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how do i stop skateboard trucks from squeaking?

i got a pair of frontage trucks there not very popular but there a great skate truck. fast light and they turn good. aslo pretty strong. iv had thm for about 5 mounths so there broke in. but they squeak soooooooo loud!!!! ever time i turn it makes the loudest most anoying squeak. how do i stop it from doing that without ruining my trucks?

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    try white lithium greese on the bushings or do the wd-40 thing but once it wears off you'll have squeek again, tighten them up a little bit to break them in even better than you already have them. If nothing works then you'll need to replace them with softer trucks like doh-dohs. 5 months is not broke in, unless you skated for hours every single day, trucks can last a long time so can the squeek, some people have trucks that have been squeeking for 2 years and they just replaced the bushing and it stopped. It could also be the pivot cup, may need to replace it all, can replace the cups and bushing for around $10 and have none squeeky trucks or just live with it.

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    Squeaky Skateboard Trucks

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    Wash them down then dry them. After that Put jsome W-D40 On them thats what I do with my element board it works pretty good.

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    ive heard of them before.

    take them apart and give them a nice cleaning and and you could oil them or put some wd40.

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